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First image of a black hole!
Updated at: September 27 2020, 17:00

What is black hole and does it eat?
Black hole does not eat then pressuring photon rings of a star or planet or galaxy to be compressed into the next dimension of space-time, with his already shrinked photon rings linked from the next dimensnion of space-time.
So you can't see black hole in our 3rd dimension, but looking from the 4th into 3rd dimension of the space-time you would see it, because we can't see higher dimension but can lower ones(3D, 2D, 1D), because compression goes from 1D->2D->3D->4D->5D.
3D space has its radius and pressure in which all photon rings, can be maximum compressed where X(energy) is between each 9 photons in a photon ring, while in 4D space X is between each 3 photons in a photon ring. Photons in a photon ring without X(energy) shrinks into smaller photon ring by merging two then third photon, into one photon.
So in 3D space you can't shrink photon rings more then what is the pressure of the 3D space and because of that there is no black holes here, but in the 4thD linked to 3rdD, and 4D we can't see.
So how this black hole in the following picture was visible in our 3D!
Image taken from the

The answer is: This is picture of a black hole in the 2nd dimension of space-time.
In 2ndD, pressure of 3rdD is like to us 4rdD, and there in 2ndD X(energy) is between each 54 photons in a photon (squared) ring.
In the picture, for us, 3D photon rings without energy, was magnetized to the low energy photon rings of the 2D, and is black hole of the 2D which with the pressure of a 3D (in the middle) squeezing 2D photon rings where lot of photons merges with each other and compresses into 3D(above black hole from 2D in 3D)

I took the same picture and polarized 4 bit of green color with my paint software 'Access Image', too see boxed pressure of the 2D, and that photon rings untwisting and shrinking into 3D.

Astronomers never catch a picture of a black hole, and suddenly they find one, and that, because it is in a 2D space.

All of the Universe compresses by the time, and when time comes photon rings will be compressed into the next dimension, with the X(energy) between photons or without X(energy) between photons.
In 1D, 2D 3D? merging of photons without energy is not a big deal, lot of information, lot of diferrences, but ones was compressed without energy into 4D and final 5thD there is lost of information and complete photon rings were more or less destroyed, because there photons merges (without X(energy)) totaly one into another.
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