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Albert Einstain gravity formula
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Our systems compresses togather with the Pluto system and Andromeda system where Pluto and Andromeda are Suns of these systems. That's right side of the 3D space(look at: Creation of the Universum). So Earth compressing one of its photon ring, one from the Pluto system photon rings and one from the Andromeda sytem photon ring, which gradually compresses during 2 years of period into 4D system, out of visiblity for us, because can't see from inside what is outside and that's because of the photon rings compression.
Photon rings from one system with all of its sub rings gradually compresses, accumulates into atoms. Atom definition dependes of the size and the position of the photon rings in the "Star structure", i.e. if it is out of the sub/sub/sub rings or, sub/sub rings, and so on. The most lighter atom is from the smallest sub rings, while the most heavier is out of the biggest rings with all of its sub rings from the one 3D systems.
For example accumulation of photon rings and sub rings from the widest Andromeda system is light mass->atoms, from Earth Sun middle heavier mass->atoms and from the Pluto system, heavy mass->atoms. Figure out compression of the photon rings and basic sub rings from one of the 3D system, to understand what is gravity.
In the picture I excluded all of the sub rings, but imagine there are somewhere.

Accumulation of the compressed photon rings and sub rings defines atoms starting from the smaller photon rings, i.e subrings to the bigger photon rings. Ligther atoms as hydrogen, oxygen from Andromeda wider system compresses above Earth's middle heavier mass photon rings and sub rings and Earht's rings above heavy mass photon rings from the Pluto system.
Current compressing photon rings into mass is Acceleration, while already compressed sub photon rings are atoms and Mass is accumulation of atoms which can not be more compressed into heavier atom, by the force of the Earth gravity.
That's what Albert Einstain defined in his gravity formula g=m*a.
Acceleration is accumulating energy.
For example around atoms are electrons, i.e links to the 3 photon rings from the 3 different systems(Andromeda, Earth's Sun, Pluto) and around atom, can be 1, 2 or 3 electrons, out of the 3 compressing photon rings one is bigest, one middle and smallest photon rings, or one photon ring is from Andromed(Sun) system one is from our Sun system and last is from Pluto(Sun) system. Electrons are links to the photon rings from the 3 different systems.

What is Mass, Atoms ?
Mass, Atoms are temproary in 3D, because they are accmulation of photon rings and sub rings out of the Andromeda, Pluto or Earth's Sun systems.
Each system has 3 main planets(wider galaxies, melting galaxies) and when they compresses togather, they become one photon ring and sub rings of the 4thD.
3 planets continually compressing it's photon rings while Sun decompressing it, and by the time, they become 1 photon ring of the 4thD, from each system in 3D, that should be 2 systems in 4thD and one system in 5thD.

What's energy? Energy is decompression of Mass, atoms, i.e temproary accumulated photon rings and sub rings into one (of three) planets in one(of six) 3D system. Albert Einstain already concluded: mass = energy.
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