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Moon entrance into 4thD space-time
Updated at October 24 2020, 9:51

In 3D space-time, all compresses towards Earth's system, and there should be entrance into 4D space-time.
There is only Earth's moon, which is unknown part of the system, covering entrance into 4D space-time, and because of that shines.
2D Picture of the 3D system

Moon shines because of the planetary compression from 3D into 4D, where 3 photon rings of each system in 3D space, compresses into one photon rings of the 4D space, each passing throw the Moon, into 4D space-time, and because of that Moon shines.
Far side of the Moon does not shine because from there were strangled stars of the 4thD, which are we, Humans, where our 4D photon rings goes arround Moon to the Earth, where we compressing planetaries photon rings into 4D space-time from Earht, Venus and Mercury. Bigger stars compressing bigger planetaries photon rings, and smaller stars smaller planetaries photon rings. So each Star-Man is strangled here at Earth from the 4D until it compresses all of the planetary rings into 4D space. That is how long you live here, already defined by the time.
To understand this section more, see also: "What is stars".

Here is image of the Moon - far side(not shining side, back side) taken from the NASA at Lunar-farside

We can see that Moon-farside is much more different then shining side and that Moon-farside surface is covered with horizontal and vertical lines, which associates to a Star structure, like a cube in middle and sub cubes arround, or as main star in the middle and sub stars(smaller and smaller) arround.

At the begining of the Universum, half of the Universe compresses into 4D->5D, but the remaining half couldn't push foward (from 1D->2D->3D into 4D->5D) more then it's weight, then first half comes back and pulls second half foward into 4D->5D, little by little until all compresses into 4D->5D, so Humans as stars pulled back from the 5D(soul)->4D(body) pulling second half of the Universe towards 4D-5D space-time.
From there 4D stars(Humans) comming into 3D space, Moon - farside.

In the year 2014, 3D space-time was been heavily compressed, where lot of 3D space was compressed into 4D space, after an photon explosion in August 2014, where people just looking strangely not knowning what happen. That is how parts of the Universe compresses and explodes, in photon explosion, without visible damages.
Under this pressure, 4 months before photon explosion the following images was captured by the Astronomer Dan Long.

Green beam which goes from the Moon is strangled 4D planetary space(photon rings), connected to the 3D space under pressure of the entire 3D system.
4D green beam was connected directly to the Mars, because this is the most compressed part of 3D system, where 3(3D) photon rings becoming one photon ring of 4D, and that was Angels system, invisible for us, because there 3(3D) photon rings becoming one 4D photon ring and one light ring is invisible in 3D system.
There is also a proof for this theory, where NASA's Mars rover captured images of Mars including parts of the rover, and all looks like a double picture, and Mars was covered with the red light on the surface.

Exactly 4 months after occured photon explosion, and I saw at the Yahoo how Major of some town in California(USA) said something like: "Indeed people are different now".

Definitivly, Moon shines because of the passing 3D photon rings arround Moon to the middle of the Moon into invisible 4D space-time, because 4D is arround 3D, and from inside you can't see what is outside.
Also in the Holy Qur'an writes that Moon is a lamp and lamp shines from inside not from outside, as they said, that shines because of the reflection from the Sun. Man that's impossible, but they explain in best way what is known.

I just found a new, clear evidence that Moon shines from inside.
Image taken from the Hubble web site

Copernicus crater

Tycho crater

We can see that all three craters shines from inside while arround them are much more darker, and at the last image, moon parts with craters shines much more then other parts.
If moon shines from the reflection of the Sun then those craters, lower parts of the Moon surface would be darker and higher parts, arround craters more brighter.

Almost created photon rings of the 3D space, passing throw the Moon from the Sun into 4thD space, and because of that Moon shines, and if you drill deeper into the Moon would shine brigher and brighter from inside, because passing photon rings was more concetrated under the Moon(lower radius).
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