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Hubble Watches Exploding Star Fade Into Oblivion
Updated at: October 24 2020, 18.10

This it is not a Supernova (exploding star) then, this is:
ZOOMING of a Star

Animation taken from the Hubble web site, NEWS

This star is probably somewhere in the Andoromeda system, and is one of the larger star, where larger stars are behind smaller stars, but in this case larger star was been in the front of the smaller stars, pulled by the red dwarf star(left down), and behind every dwarf star are invisible black hole from the next dimension, in this case 4thD.

So red dwarf star (left-down) pulled rings of a larger star. In this fight larger star was been able to hold and compress back its pulled rings (visible, left-down, near by larger star).
When that happen larger star starts compressing(X-ing) its decompressed(by the red dwarf star) strangled photon rings, and ZOOM to its begining position behind smaller stars.

When photon rings of a Star was (more-less)decompressed, rings becomes larger, and hole star looks larger, and more compressed(X-red) are smaller, like you twist a rope, holding it from one end, more you twist rope becomes smaller, and that twists are energy. When you unhold twisted rope from one end, rope starts to untwists, releasing energy and becomes larger. The same method applies to the photon rings, main building blocks of the entire Universe.

Why entire part in the animation becomes dark, then probably shines again!
Because of the replacing photon rings of a Zoomed, larger star and all of its sub stars, while photon rings of a galaxy are inside photon rings of a stars, where twisting rings of a stars compressing, pressuring the galaxy in the background.
When star compressing its photon rings there is no releasing energy to shine then star by zooming, storing energy, but when star decompressing its photon ring then shines, releasing energy, and each star compressing one, and decompressing another one photon ring all the time, until 3 3D photon rings becomes one 4D photon ring.
When star started to zoom, i.e x-ing its photon rings, also partialy x-ing its sub stars, all shining, releasing energy of the zoomed star and partially of the sub stars, were stored in the stars, where decompression(shining) of a star and sub stars was temproary stoped, then becomes dark, but soon as all was zoomed, stars start to shine again, releasing, decompressing, previously x-ed photon ring, and at the same time x-ing a new one.
In the original video at the Hubble site, the same video was repeated(originaly) three times, by my theory where 3(3D) photon rings compresses into one photon ring of the 4D.

So this is not a Supernova, not star was not exploded then ZOOMED towards its root position in the system, under current compresssed pressure of the Andromeda system.

What is Supernova?
For example if larger star was not been able to hold its photon rings, red dwarf star will gradually decompress photon rings of a larger star and shrink its photon rings arround red dwarf star, under pressure of a black hole behind in 4D.
Few, remaining photon rings of a larger star, its root, smallest and strongest compressed (X-ed) photon rings, are the most harder to decompress by the red dwarf, but by the pressure of a black hole behind, and alredy shrinked photon rings of a larger star, star explodes in Supernova, then remaining photon rings was decompressed and completly shrinked by the red dwarf star. That's Supernova.

So there is two cases, of what can be, in situation when rings of a star was caught by the dwarf star - black hole.
Zooming of star where star wins, and Supernova of a star, where star loses.

In this case is Zooming of a star.
There is nowhere explosion of a star in this animation, and if that happen, you would not see it, because reamining rings explodes fast and telescope, camera can't catch this ellapsed, fast frames, then only remains of a Supernova, frames after Supernova, stretched photon rings of a exploded star.
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