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SUN and Stars
Updated at: September 20 2020, 17:31

What is our Sun! Where are the stars in our solar system!
They are all at the Sun. Our sun is the collection of billions of stars of the Earth's system (Earth,Venus,Mercury), and Humans are multi dimenssional stars of the 3D-4D-5D
Each human compressing, twisting 3D ring from the sun into your body, and at the same time untwisting one 4D photon ring into 3D photon ring, into Earth system, and that is your inner energy, untwisting 4D into 3D photon ring, while the pressure of your 4D(body) and 5D(soul), twisting 3D photon ring(s) into your body 4D.

All stars in our Sun was structured into star structure, where arround lot of smaller stars compresses photon rings of the bigger and bigger stars, and at the end compresses photon ring of the biggest star(that was Jesus).

Let's compare stars of the Andromeda system and our system, where Andromeda is the Sun and (Milky way, Triangulum and M32 as planets)
In the year 2014, 3D Universe was been compressed to the maximum, and all stars in this wide system was mostly compressed at the Andromeda galaxy. Then big photon explosion was occured in each system of the 3D Universe(in different times arround 2-4 years) and from the Andromeda galaxy was jump off billion of stars, and there is picture of that at the Hubble site.
For example if Andromeda system was sized in the size of the Earth system, Andromeda would be as our sun, and all stars would be in the Andromeda galaxy(Sun)
Also there is Andromeda I, Andromeda II and Andromeda III galaxy, because this is wide sytem and galaxies as Milky way, Triangulum and M32, each pulls the rings of the Andromeda galaxy (Sun), and those rings accumulates into Andromeda I, II, III.

What are stars?
Stars are out of the widest photon rings in the Universe, while galaxies, planets are out of the smaller and smaller and smaller photon rings.
Stars twisting it's photon rings arround, and like that pressuring smaller rings(of galaxies, planets) to be compressed near by.
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