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Why Uranus spins different!
Updated at October 07 2020, 21:40

Jupiter system spins different from Earth's system, and Jupiter system was inside Universe 3D, where all spins differently then outside side of the 3D Universe.

Outside side of the 3D Universe continually as time and compression into 4D Universe goes, crashing inside side of the 3D Universe, and because of that there is lot of moons and asteroids. Asteroid belt is out of the crashing Mars system, and Kupier belt is out of the crashing Jupiter system

Jupiter system is Saturn, Uranus, Neptun and Jupiter as Sun, and there photon rings twists(as in Earth's system untwists), and compression of the photon rings goes from inside to outside, because of that Jupiter as sun does not shine from outside then from inside.
In the same way planets of the Jupiter system compressing it's photon rings into matter from inside to outside and should all spin differently then Earth spins, but only Uranus spins differently. That mean that Saturn and Neptun untwisting, shrinking it's photon rings as Venus do, and all are hot planets.

Uranus is the only planet in the Jupiter system which compressing it's photon rings with the energy(correctly), and there should be a LIFE. Looking Uranus from outside, hardly there is a life, but in this system(inside 3D) all compresses from inside to outside and there is no gravity then antigravity. Uranus is hollow from inside, and surface of the planet Uranus is from inside, I think you came inside from the Uranus south pole.
Here on Earth you walk on the surface outside of a circle pulled down by the gravity, while on the Uranus you walk inside of the circle pulled up by the antigravity.
There should be a LIFE in Uranus, and I think that Dinosaurus are from the Uranus, when Earth's in it's early period, was untwisting it's photon rings, and when Earth started to twist it's photon rings Dinosaurus died.
Also there could be a smaller Sun inside Uranus out of the Neptun's photon rings which passing throw Uranus towards Neptun and because of the different spining between Uranus and Neptun, untwisting Neptun's photon rings providing additional energy to the Uranus interior.

Jupiter system. Jupiter is a Sun where all photon rings incoming into the middle of the Jupiter then goes out towards Saturn, Uranus, Neptun.

Before Saturn has 9 moons(3 Saturn + 3 Uranus + 3 Neptun), Uranus 6 moons(3 Uranus + 3 Neptun) and Neptun 3 moons.
In 3D space, 3 photon rings compresses into one photon ring of the 4thD. Now, new, incoming Jupiter system photon rings were separated into 3 photon rings which accumulates into 3 moons, and will gradually be compressed into one moon.
So Saturn has now 27(9x3) moons, Uranus 18(6x3) moons and Neptun 9(3x3) moons, but after 10-20 years, again, Saturn will have 9, Uranus 6 and Neptun 3 moons.

Stars of the Jupiter system are humans called "Jinns", and living here at Earth, in space-time bellow Humans, pulling inside 3D towards 4D, togather with the Mars system which is Angels system, and dogs are from the Pluto system. Each 3D system has its stars, and all are here, born at Earth.
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